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Meet the Faculty & Staff

The VMS directresses (teachers) are trained with a keen sense of observation and have a deep and loving concern for each child. While they are willing to dedicate all of their energies to the students who need them, they are also able to disappear in a small corner of the classroom to allow the “child to be his own teacher”. At VMS, the directresses prepare the environment, direct and supervise activities, function as the leaders, and offer each child stimulation, but it is the child himself who learns.

Each Montessori directress holds an AMI diploma and faculty members participate in the development and growth of the program.  

Mrs. Cindy Copeland

Mrs. Ursula Adams
Middle School Teacher

Dr. Melonie Dropik
Science Teacher, Middle School

Sr. M. Letizia Tribuzio
Upper Elementary Directress

Sr. Juliana Tengia
Lower Elementary Directress

Sr. Martha Msambili
Lower Elementary Directress

Mrs. Cynthia Kandra
Assistant, Lower Elementary

Mrs. Crouse
Assistant, Lower Elementary

Sr. Anna Maria Leopizzi
Children’s House Directress

Sr. Veyce Matonya
Children’s House Directress

Sr. Angelina Grimoldi
Children’s House Consultant

Mrs. Deborah Witt

Mrs. Ashley Krepps
Reading & Math Specialist

Mrs. Margie Michalczyk

Sr. Lucy

Sr. Agnes